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Founded in 1986, AQ Projetos de Instalações LTDA. started to work with consultancy and supervision of electrical, telephone, hydro-sanitary, and air conditioning projects.

Its creation was assisted by the experience of its founding partner, engineer José Luiz de Aquino Viana, who, with innovative vision, set out to develop the civil construction sector, hitherto operated mainly by freelance professionals. As a result, and with the aim of achieving a leading position in the market place, the company has made significant investments in technology, computerizing their office throughout all departments and developing tools for assisting technical and engineering teams in project development and management.

Among these tools we can mention the software for: computer-aided design; sizing of electrical feed systems; short circuit calculations; sizing and selection of circuit protection (fuses and circuit breakers); calculation of pressure drop and hydraulic flow; sizing for electrical and hydraulic ducts; thermal load calculation and A/C network ducts; sizing for gas piping and lighting projects for both internal and external areas.

However, the company is aware that the main asset of a corporation is its staff. For this reason our staff, with over 60 employees, receives constant and rigorous training, which complement our rounds of weekly lectures and the maintaining of a technical library. Through these initiatives, AQ Projetos won the confidence of the country's leading construction companies and recognition of each new technical advance it made. Knowing our key accomplishments in detail will make you understand why it is so important to trust in the projects created by AQ Projetos de Instalações.

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